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On Purpose Woman Magazine

Check out the Laura Probert (poem) / Mary Claire (painting) collaboration on page 16 & 17 of the January/February 2015 issue.

On Purpo se

Thank you to Laura Probert and Ginny Robertson for featuring my painting Sisterhood in this publication.



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Knitting and Crocheting Wearable Art


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I Love You With Every

Knitting is the yin practice to my yang art.

During the summer my painting studio is mostly outside. This winter I do not have an indoor studio set up so I have been able to get back into knitting and crochet, which to me is like painting with yarn without the mess.

With the frigid weather here it is not hard to get into the knitting mood. And everywhere I go I can create as it is very difficult for me to remain idle. I love the portability and the meditation it provides.

I love having a wearable piece of art at the end of a project and it has calmed me down through some hard times. Most of all, I really enjoy sharing this art with family and friends.

I’m amazed at how quickly you can learn a new skill (even as an adult) and improve (with practice and patience), and find new ways to use your creativity.

Visit Fiber Of My Being Knits for Urban Chic Designs Inspired by Nature.

I will be adding new designs and knit winter accessories to my Etsy shop so check in on me during the year!



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Faith, Hope, and Wisdom: The Painted Bra Art Project 2014


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Faith, Hope, and Wisdom

Faith, Hope, and Wisdom: Van Gogh’s Irises will be up for auction on BiddingOwl.com starting October 2nd and ending October 12th at 8 pm Central Time.

Click Here to bid on my bra at BiddingOwl.com October 2nd – 12th.

The Painted Bra Art Project

This is my fourth year of involvement in The Painted Bra Art Project and I couldn’t thank Anna Smith Braden enough. It has become the highlight of my year and an honor to be included as a featured BRArtist.

>>> ‘Like’  The Painted Bra Art Project on Facebook for updates!! <<<

The Painted Bra Art Project will include several awareness events and BRAsterpiece painting parties throughout the year leading up to our a live exhibit in October 2014.

We are busily working the details for the live exhibit and they will be provided as soon as everything is finalized.


“Normality is a paved road; It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.”

-Vincent Van Gogh

Faith, Hope, and Wisdom 2

The painting is done on an 18 x 18 x 1.5″ canvas. I created texture on it by building up thin layers of modeling paste and gel medium mixed together.

I attached three hooks and sculpted the modeling paste around them to create a more organic look. I arranged them on the canvas so that the bra could be easily hung.

I stiffened the bra with some gesso into a shape that would work with my plan to abstract Van Gogh’s famous Irises painting. The painting was done using acrylic paints. I applied a gloss varnish to the canvas and the bra separately to keep the bra mobile.

Viola! The finished BRAsterpiece.

Click Here to bid on my bra at BiddingOwl.com October 2nd – 12th.



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